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eddie, or deimos!
genderqueer thing-a-majig alien that likes computers and the internet...
aspiring graphic artist and digital illustrator ; part-time digital technology student | hobbyist coder & programmer

i go by it, he, xe, they, 1, 0, that, and more! but you can just default to they or him, or just my name.

i'm a little alien from outer space! i crash landed 17 years ago, and now i spend my free time working on computers and making designs and drawing; specifically cartoon art, stickers, small designs, icon designs, and the like!
i do most of my 'professional' art digitally and on clip studio or procreate, but i also do other kinds! mixed media, traditional, 3D modelling, or otherwise..

click here to see my examples of designs, cartoons, etcetera!